Service & Repairs

Fender Amp Repairs. Marshall Amp Repairs. Vox Amp Repairs
The team at Lucas Miles are tube amp enthusiasts.
Services include..
- re-tubing and bias adjustment- we use hand selected tubes for best sound, low microphonics and reliability
- total re-furbishment of vintage amps
- 110/120v to 240v power transformer changeovers.
- CBS Siverface amps modified to 60's Blackface specs.
- boutique upgrades - Sozo capacitors / Mercury Magnetics O/P transformers
- speaker replacement or recone
- Billm Audio Blues Junior mod kit installs
- Frommel Hot Rod Deluxe / Deville upgrades

Address . Salmon st . Mentone
Call Dean prior to organise a drop off time. 0419 017 135
Preferably Mon-Fri 4-6. Sat 11-12.